Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Back in April I met a young man while I was in Kyrgyzstan. I spent the day with him in the back seat of J's truck while J & J and I were out and about. We took J's adopted Babushka to see the doctor in Ttown. Then to her new home in Kemin. We stopped by the young man's home where he spoke with presumably his parents. This young man has had a very very hard life. A life full of abuse, neglect, fear and sadness. Our next stop was to pick up Acelbek at his parent's house. J&J needed to speak with the parents and left me outside in the truck with my young friend. Now mind you. This young man has now spent several hours in the back of the truck with me. And he has spoken not a word of English. I guess I just assumed..... Anyway a very drunk man tried getting in the truck while J&J were in the house. My young friend came to my side and talked this man away from the car. He then posted himself as a sentry guard watching the whole outside of the truck. ( I had a bodyguard!) After picking up Acelbek we speed off to finish our day at a wonderful restraunt. J walks away and my young friend starts speaking IN ENGLISH. I think my head spun in a circle! I looked at him, chuckled and proclaimed " you speak English?!! We have been sitting in silence all day in the back of the truck and you speak English???!!!" He and J chuckled and we had a nice talk IN ENGLISH. As soon as J returned the English stopped. Hmmmm quite funny. I gave my young friend a huge hug when we left them at the taxi stop. I think I suprised the heck out of him... Then off we sped. I figured I had seen the last of my young friend. However one of my last days in Kg we ran into this young man again. And again I gave him an unexpected huge hug! He was all smiles as I made him talk to me more this meeting. There was just something about this kid I was drawn to. I sure hope he is doing well.
Ok why am I telling this story?? Because I think it very ironic maybe another sign I am supposed to follow this path God has set...... My young freind's name .... Kolya... Our Little Guy's name Nicholas,Nikolai or per my agency he is called... Kolya!!!!!!!
Dear God... I really like how you work!! Even though I would hae loved to have Shelby home already I am starting to see there are many many reasons for the delay. So keep showing me the way and I will try to catch your leads. And don't get mad when sometimes I am just not understanding... Just keep sending me the reminders that I am not in control.. YOU are...

Day # 1 Paperwork begin-a-gin

Let the paperwork chase begin! This morning I started by having a chat with the very nice man at Philadelphia USCIS office. Officer CoSk. I won't mention his name. He has been a little difficult to deal with. Helpful always but difficult too. He has a rather Crass way about him. My last email a few weeks ago I decided to take a ery different approach with him. SICKENINGLY SWEET. And guess what... It worked. he has been very pleasant to me since then. He even talked to me for like 15 minutes this morning explaining things thoroughly. Unfortunately this all means more fingerprints, more documents and humf more $$$.
This afternoon I got a request for my driver's history. Guess what? I have just confirmed that I am boring.. No tickets, No violations, No accidents, no points on my license. And that goes back ten years!! So according to the Pa State Police I have committed no crimes. Childline says I am good to children, the FBI says my fingerprints are clean. Now put it all together again for another dossier!!! Should be easy right.. Yeah right nothing is easy...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Photos..... Are you our son?

So yesterday I finally got photos!!! And I think this is it. After wishing and hoping and being frustrated for the last two months I believe this is the answer to my unanswered prayers. The next step... Figure out how to make this happen!!! It will be rough but I am sure gonna give it all I have. Hoping today to find out his name! I sent off his information to my Doc I have been talking to and hear is her reply.......

Hi Ann-
He is adorable. He is small for age ---based on his weight though I didn't plot him out. I think that Sharon Lehman should weigh in again. I think the eyelid problem is bilateral not just on the left side. But if it is just eyelids his vision may not be affected. And the fact that he attends to toys for a long time is a good sign in my opinion.

Please let me know what she says. I am so sorry that it has taken so long to get your child. You deserve success and soon! I hope you get good news from Kyrgyzstan in the meantime.


Friday, December 18, 2009

12 days

The last 12 days have been just utter frustration. I have hit wall after wall after wall. On the adoption front I have tried many angles while still waiting and working with Kidsfirst to get info on the little Birthday Boy sent to me on Shelby's Birthday. I have sent in homestudies for a local little guy who I have been told I live in the wrong county. A little guy who lives in SD (we live in the wrong state). I have examined medicals on three little boys in Russia. All just seem not quite right. With Shelby I seemed to know... these others just something was not quite there. As heartbreaking as that is.... I am struggling with finances. Hoping that will change soon. I am struggling trying to get a second job. I have left tons of messages with the attorney general in regards to our contractor. We still do not have our bookcase. My current job is fraught with destruction. My long time coworker and friend was fired!!! For not doing anything. And then the other night Corey and I were put in a precarious position. We'll see what happens there.

A blog buddy Cindy Lajoy is facing such frustration on her adoption journey to her two older girls. I pray her journey ends happy!

For today I have much to do. Photo gifts to order and gifts to wrap. Perhaps we will watch Muppets Christmas Carol!

Pray things go well today maybe I will have photos!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6, 2009

So today was Shelby's Birthday. The day sort of came and went since I worked all weekend. Not without me thinking hard about where I want to be, where I was last year and what has not occurred yet. We will have some cake when I go home on Monday or Tuesday.

But what I want to post here is a truly amazing possibility. Today, on Shelby's Birthday of all days. Another post has appeared on Rainbowkids. I found Shelby on Rainbow kids in a very similar fashion. checking back all the time her post just appeared hours after I had just checked. Now tonight I check several times and a new post has appeared. This is what I found........

ChildID / Name Birth Date
KF5 10/1/2008
Location Gender
Unspecified Male
Date Added View Siblings of this Child
Agency KidsFirst Adoption Services LLC

Details This child is available for immediate adoption and we are looking for a family who has a current approved home study. This child is approximately 14 months old - the date of birth listed is approximate. He was born at 32 weeks gestational age. The doctor and teachers are very happy with his developments. He is walking with support (while holding on to furniture or someone else). He plays with toys attentively and is showing good progress. The doctor reports that he is still showing an 11% defecit in weight, but they believe this is due to the prematurity. If you are interested in more information about this child please contact Inna at (317) 843-2300.

Time will tell.. But I feel like God has sent this Birthday present from Shelby to us on her Birthday. I sure don't know how we will financially handle this. But if this is meant to be I am going to let God figure that out.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moving moutains and knocking down walls!

As my last post implies we have been simply waiting......... Praying for mountains to be moved in Kyrgyzstan. We love our kids, we want them home. We have no news.... Until this week nothing has been happening. But over the course of the last few days we have learned that three Kyrgyz Republic officials will be visiting The United States next week as part of a political exchange program of sorts. Joint Counsel on International Children's Services has worked hard behind the scenes and they have secured the waiting families not one but TWO meeting to be held next Friday MAy 29th in Washington D.C. One meeting will last approximately 90 minutes (half of that being translation time) ANd the second meeting will take place ( now get this) ON CAPITOL HILL. Yes folks you read that correct. Now according to Rebecca the kind folks folks on Capitol Hill that day will most likely be the assistants to our Senators and Congressmen. HOWEVER we are hoping to change that. I know I asked for some help a few posts ago and I did have amazing response. Many people said "I wrote to the congres or the Senate on your behalf" Here is another opportuniy and this time it is real. Not a story. We are hoping that some of our actual Senators and Congressmen show up on this day to show support to the 65 families waiting. Below I will include the email from Rebecca Harris and JCICS.

But even more exciting news!! Six families have been chosen to represent the 65 waiting families. From as far away as California and as close as a family in D.C. We will come together as a group and do our best to portray the love, and hope we have for bringing these kids into our lives. Thats right.... I get to go too!!! I am so excited to be given this opportunity to represent my friends. People from all over the country (and a few from other parts of the world) I am linked in a unique group; A new kind of family; a family of waiting parents all linking hands to advocate for our children who are so innocently waiting for our reunion. God has been quite amazing over the last few months. I can't begin to tell in a post how many amazing opportunities I have been blessed with. And while I sure would have liked my journey to be quick and painless, this road has provided a lifelong opportunity of learning. And for that I hope that I have become as strong a person and as strong of a mom as I could ever hope to be for Miss Noodle. Thank you to everyone who is waiting, and all those who are waiting with us.

The letter

May 22, 2009

CALL TO ACTION: Kyrgyzstan

Dear Friends and Families,

As noted in Joint Council's President & CEO's communication yesterday Joint Council has worked closely with the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) to secure a 15 minute meeting with Congressional Staffers and the six families traveling to Washington D.C. to represent the group. The meeting will occur just before the Kyrgyz delegation meets with Congressional staffers. In order to ensure that as many Congressional Offices are in attendance at the two meetings Joint Council is initiating a Call to Action requesting the 65 families contact their Senators and Congressmen. Joint Council requests that all families contact their U.S. Senators and Congresspersons on Tuesday, May 26th. The purpose of your call is to request they attend the meetings on Friday, May 29th. Please note that Friday, May 29th is during a Congressional Recess.

On Tuesday, May 26th we request that you do the following:

1) Call both of your U.S. Senators and your representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives:

You can find your Senators' phone numbers and email address at

You can find your Representatives' phone numbers and email address at

2) Include the following in your calls and emails:

"As constituents, I/we urge the Senator/Congressperson to attend the meeting with Kyrgyz officials hosted by Senator Landrieu and the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute on Friday, May 29th."

If they have not heard about the meeting, ask them to contact the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute at (202) 544-8500 or Joint Council at (703) 535-8045.

3) Send an email to everyone you called:

The email is important, but the phone call should be placed first.
Additionally, feel free to forward this request to your friends and family, asking them to contact their Senators and Congresspersons requesting they attend the meeting.

Thank you!

Rebecca Harris
Government Relations and Communications Manager

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Word to encourage myself as much as others

I have been having these same thoughts. I love everyone here. And I am so glad I have everyone here for support. One thing I have to add here about dates, is that absolutely no one knows anything about dates. Near far, or somewhere in between no one knows anything for sure. So it could be June, July, October. No clue. One thing I know though is I can not hang out pondering when, and being saddened everytime a date comes and goes. So like Virginia, at some point I may also choose to take a break. I may not be quite there yet. I do know I had a bit of a break a few weeks ago when I was focused on other things, and I will be on complete and 100% hiatus in two weeks when I go to Vermont. A break every once in awhile to live and love life in the present is important. Not to say we forget about being advocates, but for our sanity and for our families.

Anyway I send hugs out to all of you!!! And continue to pray that someone or something moves a mountain in Kyrgyz and we see this through sooner then later.

From: Virginia Ann Rodriguez To: waiting_kyrgyz_ parents@yahoogro ups.comSent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:49:39 PMSubject: Re: [waiting_kyrgyz_ parents] Re: Responses from Gary Fuller
Same crap from WL (but only because I asked) They were not brave enough to throw out an October possibility! !!! Keep casting that fish hook out further!!!! What are we to do??? What can we do??? I may have to shut off this blog for a while. Ambien, Zanax and Effexor only help so much!!!!!
If anything REALLY important comes up.... please PM me at wheresmymia@ and let me know. This hiatus may only last the weekend but I have to figure out how not to let my face explode!!!!! !

Monday, March 9, 2009

First photos for this blog!

I am having a harder time being public the last week or so. I feel like these photos will most likely spark a plethora of questions as to how and why I got photos and no one else did. So maybe better just to keep them here. I want to shout out to the world that I have new photos, and I want to shout out to all my friends that I may be returning to Kyrgyzstan sooner then later. But some things are just better left unsaid I guess.

Friday, March 6, 2009

First Post here... WHY

In December, while I was in Bishkek, I developed this new blog and title with the intent that I may at sometime need to kind of go underground per say. I have a suspicion that that time is quite close. This section of my blog is totally 100% private. For this post there are not even any readers, just me writing aimlessly about what might be. If I have news to share I will eventually open this to my most trusted friends and family only. The news here will be news that is not intended for anyone to see. Here I can be free to share photos, video, and a real name!! So Miss Shelby Krystina this post and this blog is all for you.
At the beginning of this week I received a phone call and an email from Karen at Adoption Alliance. Please send over photos! Pictures of Shelby ones depicting her and the delays she is experiencing. Pictures of myself and pictures of me and Brian. Then Thursday night a phone call asking when I traveled and met Miss Shelby for the first time. All this with the warning.... DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE ABOUT this! We are trying something and we don't want alot of people to know about it. HMMM I say. But My response!!! Whatever I can do, whatever it takes to get Shelby home I will do.

So for now we wait!!!