Friday, March 6, 2009

First Post here... WHY

In December, while I was in Bishkek, I developed this new blog and title with the intent that I may at sometime need to kind of go underground per say. I have a suspicion that that time is quite close. This section of my blog is totally 100% private. For this post there are not even any readers, just me writing aimlessly about what might be. If I have news to share I will eventually open this to my most trusted friends and family only. The news here will be news that is not intended for anyone to see. Here I can be free to share photos, video, and a real name!! So Miss Shelby Krystina this post and this blog is all for you.
At the beginning of this week I received a phone call and an email from Karen at Adoption Alliance. Please send over photos! Pictures of Shelby ones depicting her and the delays she is experiencing. Pictures of myself and pictures of me and Brian. Then Thursday night a phone call asking when I traveled and met Miss Shelby for the first time. All this with the warning.... DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE ABOUT this! We are trying something and we don't want alot of people to know about it. HMMM I say. But My response!!! Whatever I can do, whatever it takes to get Shelby home I will do.

So for now we wait!!!

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