Thursday, May 14, 2009

Word to encourage myself as much as others

I have been having these same thoughts. I love everyone here. And I am so glad I have everyone here for support. One thing I have to add here about dates, is that absolutely no one knows anything about dates. Near far, or somewhere in between no one knows anything for sure. So it could be June, July, October. No clue. One thing I know though is I can not hang out pondering when, and being saddened everytime a date comes and goes. So like Virginia, at some point I may also choose to take a break. I may not be quite there yet. I do know I had a bit of a break a few weeks ago when I was focused on other things, and I will be on complete and 100% hiatus in two weeks when I go to Vermont. A break every once in awhile to live and love life in the present is important. Not to say we forget about being advocates, but for our sanity and for our families.

Anyway I send hugs out to all of you!!! And continue to pray that someone or something moves a mountain in Kyrgyz and we see this through sooner then later.

From: Virginia Ann Rodriguez To: waiting_kyrgyz_ parents@yahoogro ups.comSent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:49:39 PMSubject: Re: [waiting_kyrgyz_ parents] Re: Responses from Gary Fuller
Same crap from WL (but only because I asked) They were not brave enough to throw out an October possibility! !!! Keep casting that fish hook out further!!!! What are we to do??? What can we do??? I may have to shut off this blog for a while. Ambien, Zanax and Effexor only help so much!!!!!
If anything REALLY important comes up.... please PM me at wheresmymia@ and let me know. This hiatus may only last the weekend but I have to figure out how not to let my face explode!!!!! !

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