Friday, December 18, 2009

12 days

The last 12 days have been just utter frustration. I have hit wall after wall after wall. On the adoption front I have tried many angles while still waiting and working with Kidsfirst to get info on the little Birthday Boy sent to me on Shelby's Birthday. I have sent in homestudies for a local little guy who I have been told I live in the wrong county. A little guy who lives in SD (we live in the wrong state). I have examined medicals on three little boys in Russia. All just seem not quite right. With Shelby I seemed to know... these others just something was not quite there. As heartbreaking as that is.... I am struggling with finances. Hoping that will change soon. I am struggling trying to get a second job. I have left tons of messages with the attorney general in regards to our contractor. We still do not have our bookcase. My current job is fraught with destruction. My long time coworker and friend was fired!!! For not doing anything. And then the other night Corey and I were put in a precarious position. We'll see what happens there.

A blog buddy Cindy Lajoy is facing such frustration on her adoption journey to her two older girls. I pray her journey ends happy!

For today I have much to do. Photo gifts to order and gifts to wrap. Perhaps we will watch Muppets Christmas Carol!

Pray things go well today maybe I will have photos!

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