Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day # 1 Paperwork begin-a-gin

Let the paperwork chase begin! This morning I started by having a chat with the very nice man at Philadelphia USCIS office. Officer CoSk. I won't mention his name. He has been a little difficult to deal with. Helpful always but difficult too. He has a rather Crass way about him. My last email a few weeks ago I decided to take a ery different approach with him. SICKENINGLY SWEET. And guess what... It worked. he has been very pleasant to me since then. He even talked to me for like 15 minutes this morning explaining things thoroughly. Unfortunately this all means more fingerprints, more documents and humf more $$$.
This afternoon I got a request for my driver's history. Guess what? I have just confirmed that I am boring.. No tickets, No violations, No accidents, no points on my license. And that goes back ten years!! So according to the Pa State Police I have committed no crimes. Childline says I am good to children, the FBI says my fingerprints are clean. Now put it all together again for another dossier!!! Should be easy right.. Yeah right nothing is easy...

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