Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Back in April I met a young man while I was in Kyrgyzstan. I spent the day with him in the back seat of J's truck while J & J and I were out and about. We took J's adopted Babushka to see the doctor in Ttown. Then to her new home in Kemin. We stopped by the young man's home where he spoke with presumably his parents. This young man has had a very very hard life. A life full of abuse, neglect, fear and sadness. Our next stop was to pick up Acelbek at his parent's house. J&J needed to speak with the parents and left me outside in the truck with my young friend. Now mind you. This young man has now spent several hours in the back of the truck with me. And he has spoken not a word of English. I guess I just assumed..... Anyway a very drunk man tried getting in the truck while J&J were in the house. My young friend came to my side and talked this man away from the car. He then posted himself as a sentry guard watching the whole outside of the truck. ( I had a bodyguard!) After picking up Acelbek we speed off to finish our day at a wonderful restraunt. J walks away and my young friend starts speaking IN ENGLISH. I think my head spun in a circle! I looked at him, chuckled and proclaimed " you speak English?!! We have been sitting in silence all day in the back of the truck and you speak English???!!!" He and J chuckled and we had a nice talk IN ENGLISH. As soon as J returned the English stopped. Hmmmm quite funny. I gave my young friend a huge hug when we left them at the taxi stop. I think I suprised the heck out of him... Then off we sped. I figured I had seen the last of my young friend. However one of my last days in Kg we ran into this young man again. And again I gave him an unexpected huge hug! He was all smiles as I made him talk to me more this meeting. There was just something about this kid I was drawn to. I sure hope he is doing well.
Ok why am I telling this story?? Because I think it very ironic maybe another sign I am supposed to follow this path God has set...... My young freind's name .... Kolya... Our Little Guy's name Nicholas,Nikolai or per my agency he is called... Kolya!!!!!!!
Dear God... I really like how you work!! Even though I would hae loved to have Shelby home already I am starting to see there are many many reasons for the delay. So keep showing me the way and I will try to catch your leads. And don't get mad when sometimes I am just not understanding... Just keep sending me the reminders that I am not in control.. YOU are...


Kimberly said...

Ann - this is such a cool story! I'm so excited to watch how this continues to unfold!

Hilary Marquis said...

Don't ya just love those little "signs" that He is right there orchestrating it all?!