Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

Yesterday.. Our new home study was complete. And sent to the new agency for review. We will have to wait until the wording is approved. Then wait for the final copy.. Then off it will go to Texas! Yes Texas is the new first stop for all Customs and Immigration paperwork. There is a central processing center now. (shaking my head) I am not sure if this makes things easier or faster or slower and more tedious. I will let everyone know. But should take something like 6 weeks for an approval. But guess what? More fingerprints are in order. Another trip to Philadelphia for Brian and I. We won't get any more news on our Kyrgyz adoption until at least February. I am actually kind of calmly hoping to time a first visit trip to Moscow with a trip that is being planned to Bishkek. Not that I have been invited. And maybe I won't be invited. But Maybe.

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