Monday, March 29, 2010

God is in Control

I think this needs to be my new mantra all this week. Today I was at a friend's father's funeral. Very small graveside ceremony. But very powerful meaning. The pastor's message was God is in control. We may try to control our lives, but simply put we are just the followers. I truly have just been following the last several months. And the details seem to just be taking care of themself. Sometimes I have slowed the path because I have had one excuse or another... and can just hear God say " Told you so". So today as we said our goodbyes to a dear friend's father I contiue to say this is not in my control and pray for the contiued guidance and even more so the continued peaceful feeling.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Passports and Visa's

Today i sent my Passport to NYC!! Kind of un nerving! But alas unlike with Kyrgyzstan need to get my Visa ahead of time. So off it went in preparation for the still possible April 4th trip. Dear God if I need to travel April 4th help me make the arrangements. Can you imagine making plans to travel half way around the world on less then two weeks notice? It takes us a year to prepare for a trip to Disneyworld! So hopefully tomorrow i will know my travel date. I did email the travel agency today and they are working on ticket costs out of Philadelphia. Please God this is another request. I do really need to travel out of Philly and NOT NYC. even though I will end up in NYC for a plane change. But thats ok. i won't have to drive in that crazy city.

I can still honestly say I am quite peaceful about this. I think the few people who know about this are way more excited then I am. Still wondering... When and how do I tell my mom!!??!!! I can't decide whether to tell her before this trip... Or tell her when I get a court date. Fun would be to call from Moscow on our way home and just tell everyone they need to meet us at the Philly airport for a BIG suprise!! Can't decide. Decisions decisions decisions.

So far no decision on middle name. We will keep The first name of Nikolas. Some of the contending middle names... Benjamin, Daniel, Sebastian (my personal favorite), Connor, Michael, Richard (for both grandfathers) or Lee ( which is my Brother's middle name, and Brian and his father's middle name as well as his sister's first name but spelled Leigh). Decisions decisons.

LOL still no boys clothing in our house... Poor Kolya has a room full of Girl clothing. So sad that Miss Noodle is not here to use those clothes. Luckily the bedroom was basically done very gender neutral. For now he will be in the Raggedy Ann and Andy room. Then later will kick Daddy out of his room and will most likely be done in cars.

For now just peace just waiting.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All ago for April

WOW! Got an update today. Can I travel as soon as April 4th? My immediate reaction.. YES!!!!! but then the practical sets in. Look at all my scheduled events and work for the next three weeks. And plane ticket prices... Looks like April 19th will be my travel date! I talk to the agency in the morning. Hoping they do not give me too much slack about that. Pick up trip and court date is quite different then a first visit. For a Gotcha trip and a court date I will drop everything. For this I have learned patience is everything and that hurry up and wait really is not the best practice.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dossier number three...

So in keeping with my geography lesson... Off I flew to Dover Delaware. Well I did not really fly, but drove for the day. In Delaware the apostilles at the state level are $30 for the whole kit and kaboodle. Grand total savings of $1500!!! So the third time is hopefully a charm. The papers are off to Indianapolis to be reviewed, then certified at the Russian embassy, sent to Russia and translated.. Should hear by the end of the month when I will be able to travel!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back on Track

The Road to Moscow and ultimately to Kolya was a bit uncertain over the last few weeks. I should never have doubted the higher call in this and for that I am so sad I did. But I am really pretty new to some of these things. I can really only describe the journey so far as a feeling of doing what I am supposed to do. A guidance from above. But in the end I had to make sure that our finances were in order in order to continue down this path towards Kolya. Thursday we got our answers. And now we go full steam ahead. Hoping against all hope that the third time is a charm. Yes this is my third dossier prep! Third country! Third time holding onto hope that we will be parents sooner then later.

So now we run.. full steam ahead. Thursday my I-600 a was sent off to Texas. Ugh I forgot to enclose my letter telling them that I have already accepted a referral, and listing Brian as needing to get fingerprinted. So Have to figure out how to get a letter to them! Friday I spent the day chasing papers. Apostilles to be exact. Russia has a CRAZY amount of paperwork. And I have just funded someone's salary at the Department of State. I was lucky enough to have found out that Apostilles in Delaware are MUCH cheaper then Pennsylvania. So I only had to get half of my documnets done in Pa. At $15 a document. The other half $30 for ALL. Don't quite understand that. Why such a difference in cost from state to state?

So here they are.. the pretty gold stamps that the foreign countries like to see! The folder they are being kept in and a few photos from the State Capitol. Timeline now? Hmm who knows. My expectation is the paperwork will be delivered to Indianna this week. They will be Translated, certified at the Russian embassy and then filed with the ministry in Moscow. That should take about two weeks. Then any time after that I should be able to get on a plane to cross the pond yet again. This time a new destination. Another city, more geography to cover.