Tuesday, April 6, 2010

answers to WHY

My facebook status says.... " Have you ever had the feeling that the long road was hard but you are right exactly where you are intended to be! I have.." Hard to question the reason behind waiting for Noodle when today I have been handed yet another answer of why. Why are we waiting to complete our adoptions from Kyrgyzstan. God has His own ideas. And they just take us all some time to get the answers. WHY... Why is it that 65 kids are stuck in an adoption process. Let me just give a few answers. 2 years of WHy have led to several answers culminating in todays BIG answer. First, my journies to Kyrgyzstan would never hae happened if we were NOt waiting. I would not have met John, Anya, Sergei, Jengish, Kolya, Asel, Talant, Aigula and all the kids associated with them. I would never have laid eyes on Viktor or held him and hugged him. I would not now be sponsering his education. I would not have spent a night dancing with the men at the invalid home in one of the Villages. I would not have developed a lasting relationship with those associated with John.. Nicole, Hilary, Lori, the list does not end. And I would not have developed a wonderful friendship with my blog buddy Kimberly! All these things just would not have happened. I would be home raising my daughter. No time for all this world traveling adventures. No time to stop and help the one in front of us. No time..... But I was given the gift of time. The gift of wait... Patience... Although I must admit my patience wears thin many times over.. And then today. I hit wanted to hit my knees as the biggest answer to WHY was handed to me. I follow... YOU lead... And although this road is far from over I have been given answers to WHY!!!

And as an aside note... Those 65 families... many of them have now followed this same road in one form or another... A path unchosen but a wonderful path to follow indeed! And so many families who are double blessed because we Followed.


Kimberly said...

I am so grateful for your friendship - that indeed is one of the amazing blessings of this wait!

Hilary Marquis said...

YOU are a blessing to me as well, my friend! Thank you for following God's plan and being faithful. Your SON is so handsome!