Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just wait....

24 hour hours of travel!! This was not supposed to be that hard. I had a direct flight from JFK to Moscow. But delay after delay had me sitting on a runway or in an airport terminal plotting where and when I would catch my next plane. So yes, I started off sitting on a small puddle jumper airplane on a Philadelphia runway. (Beautiful weather) being told there was fog in JFK and there is a "ground stop" in effect and we would be delayed by an hour and a half. WHAT!!!! My plane for JFK leaves in AN HOUR AND A HALF. The wonderful attendant Jackie got me connected with Delta. Delta "told me" that due to ground conditions the outbound JFK plane would also be delayed. Ok no worries. Except that he lied. My plane for Moscow was leaving as we were taxiing the runway to JFK. So I was very nicely automatically rerouted through Paris on Air France. And a nice HUGE plane at that. An Airbus a380. According to my neighbor on the plane this is the biggest passenger plane flying in the world and their are only 12 in operation. We even had a first hand view of take off and landing from a camera mounted on the tail! Awesome! I will post the pictures! But however nice the plane was, it did not make it through the JFK fog delay. Stuck again on the runway in JFK for an hour and ten minutes. And you guessed it as we were landing in Paris my plane from Paris to Moscow was leaving me behind yet again. At least I got a complimentery sandwhich and drink for the wait. Good thing as I have No Euros. So I finally catch my plane to Moscow. arrive 8 hours later then expected..... Only to find some kind of snag at Passport control in Moscow. Who nows what the delay was. But I finally after almost 2 hours decided to try my luch at the line that "says" Russian Citizens only. Hmmm they put me right through. If I just would have gotten frustrated earlier. Just goes to show I guess how high myience level has become. Next snag... No Luggage. Drag nab it this put me over the edge. I have no idea if my driver is still waiting.. or how long he will wait before giving up. I start processing the luggage through lost and found. Bow my head and say a little St. Anthony prayer. Believe it or not... not 30 seconds later a man walks by dragging my luggage to the lost and found area. SERIOUSLY!!! So I am finally through all that.. Good thing is my driver was super nice. Spoke broken English and told me "don't worry!" Finally at the hotel and a nice one at that.. we (Molly and I) are exhausted. I took a few short moments to tell the family I am finally in Moscow and it was lights out.

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Kimberly said...

Wow - what a trip you've had!
Ok - I'm confused - who is Molly?