Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nikolai Ivanovich Ivanova

The post everyone is waiting for...A few photos and the story.. How different this process is from Kyrgyzstan. We got to the orphanage at about 1pm. We all sit around a table. The coordinater, Natasha, translater Tatianna, A representative from the Borovuchi Department of education, a social worker from the orphange, and the doctor from the orphanage. The DOE representative speaks first telling the social history. How Kolya ended up here at the orphanage. And details about his mother. Oh how absolutely insanely sad but such a gesture of love. Kolya was given up by his mother. becasue she is single and homeless at the time of Kolya's birth.
The doctor speaks next.. she tells a detailed medical history of Kolya from his birth to the present. From his prematurity and no need for respiratory support.. to ultrasounds and evaluations by speech and developmental therapists. Their only concern the shape of his eyes. And yes one eye is droopy... We will wait and see if he actually has Blepharophimosis or if he just has a slight droop to his eyes. Both are a bit droopy but the right more so. But I certainly don't care at this point. I am encouraged to ask questions. And they can't believe I don't have more. I ask about his developmental progress and his vision. The rest... well no big deal. So after about 30 minutes they ask... "Do you want to meet the boy?" Ok I just traveled halfway around the world on a plane and 10 hours in a car... Was I going to say NO??? seriously. YES!!!!!

The social worker brings in our beautiful Golden haired little boy and it is instant 100% acknowledgement of this is where i am supposed to be and this IS our son!! A very brief moment of uncertainty before I take him, but no tears, no crying. We immediately hit it off. Interacting, playing. And I cry thinking of this moment and I think I always abd forever will cry thinking of this very moment in time. Adoption may not be biological but the bond is just as strong. The moment your child is first placed in your arms by birth or by adoption is never forgotten. we have about an hour hour and a half. Of which I bring out my bag full of toys. He LOVES the stacking cups best of all. We played with the interactive book.. and looked at photos.. But he liked the blocks best! Stacking, putting them inside each other. Using them to make noise..
When the social worker leaves with him I am asked " so do you want to move forward" Another immediate YES and more tears as I never been more sure of one thing ever. YES YES YES. And the paperwork is signed!!! We will come back tomorrow for one more visit before heading back to Moscow. (not fun and not looking forward to that)


Jes said...

What a cutie!!! Thanks so much for sharing :)


Kimberly said...

He is so precious! I cannot wait to meet him! And to see he and Shelby playing together with your puppy dogs!