Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silence is not always Golden

copied from myadoptiongeography.blogspot.com

Oh what another roller coaster April has brought to us. Emotional highs and emotional lows. So should I start at the top or the bottom? I guess I will start at the beginning. I was trying to keep a secret. But because of so many events of the past two weeks it is not much of a secret anymore. I was trying to not get hopes up, emotions caught in the middle of yet another roller coaster ride. But I am not such a good secret keeper for one, and for a second I have been thrown in the middle of yet another debacle. I yearn for the days when I can get on the carousel and ride a pony to the peacful music around in a peaceful circle. So what is my secret you may ask..... Since October Brian and I have been pursuing a concurrent adoption. Homestudies updated, paperwork re-gathered, dossier resubmitted, translated, shipped. Trip one BOOKED. From April 4th until April 10th I was in Russia. I met a little boy who I sure hope will soon be our son. I could not have been happier. I knew immediately this was meant to be. We spent two short visits together and then the long drive back to Moscow. (sorry there are still some things I am keeping a bit hushed about until we get a court date)April 7,2010 On the way back to Moscow my cell phone started blowing up with inbox messages that our dear Kyrgyzstan was in Chaos. The opposition forces and the public have started protesting in the streets. By nightfall Bishkek was literally a battleground. Public buildings burned to the ground, The white house raided, The Parliment building overtaken, Looting, A high end restraunt destroyed and the owners killed, hundreds of Kyrgyz people injured, and at latest report 84 people have lost their lives. I sent emails out as soon as I was able to get a good internet connection. I was worried about my friends in Bishkek and Tokmok, I was worried about Noodle and the baby houses. By the next day I had heard from just about everyone. They are safe but staying indoors. The President has been overthrown. A new leader has taken control. And a week later the President Kurmanbeck Bakyev has officially resigned. Leaving a new Leader in his place Rosa Otunbayeva. Our hope for Kyrgyzstan is that Rosa O. (my apologies for lack of respect. This just flows better) can lead her country to a new and better way of life. But our number one hope is that we can possibly persuade her to somehow issue a decree to release the 65 children who have been held as political hostages for the last two years.
But my story does not end there. My stay in Moscow is littered with bad publicity. On April 8th Torry Anne Hansen decided in a selfish and hideous act to put her adopted son on an airplane and return him to Russia. BY HIMSELF. I understand this little 7 year old boy was not the inocent child she was hoping to adopt. A child with severe RAD is not the angel child, the golden end to adoption dreams. And I am not in her shoes. BUT seriously. What was she thinking? Was she thinking? There is a system in place for a reason. Home studies and post placements are not just a hassle they are for the child's protection. And not only the child... If she was having issues why did this not reflect in a post placement report? Why did a home study agency not step in with resources and help. So many unanswered questions. WHY has there been not a single charge brought against her. At the very least child endangerment or reckless abandonment? SOMETHING... All that aside. I am now sitting in my Moscow hotel room in utter disbelief. I have just met this beautiful little boy. He needs to come home! I am scared that I am now thrown in the middle of not just one IA crisis but possibly two. Despite all I tried to enjoy my last day in Moscow. Red Square is amazing beyond words. Moscow is very much like NYC but cleaner, and not quite as busy.
My first week home from Moscow was crazy. Trying like crazy to figure out what this is all going to mean. So far no answers. A delegation from the department of State will be in Moscow to talk about IA with the Russian officials. We'll see what they come up with. The 65 families had a conference call with the DOS and others on April 12th. We came out of that meeting extremely frustrated. No answers. No time frames. No clear plan. And every question was answered with a skirt around the issue. When will Hilary actually contact Rosa O? A letter, a phone call. No clear plan. So we are on a warpath! A media path that this week started in full swing. More on that as it all unravels!!!!! Hope is not gone nor will it ever be. WE WILL FIND A WAY TO GET THESE KIDS HOME. We are determined we are passionate, and we love these 65 kids with all our hearts and all our souls. We will do what it takes. And one day they will have much to be proud of.

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