Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back in Russia

So trip number two.. Whirlwind trip number two. I had five days to plan this trip. It all came together sweetly! Day one in Moscow I slept. It was raining outside so no good for walking. I did not sleep well on the plane as I had an aisle seat, and took forever to get from the airport to the hotel. So what better way to spend a rainy day then sleeping in an extra comfy luxurious 4-5 star hotel room. Yeah a bit spoiled I would have to say.

Wednesday morning all I could think was wow it is already wednesday and I will be back on a plane in three days again. Off to Borovichi a long cold wet rainy ride. 5 hours in the car. Stopping at McDonald's for lunch and for two pit stops. But I slept again most of the way.

Thursday am the best part of the trip. I got to spend two hours with Little Dude. He came in and walked over to me. He looked so handsome and like such a little man. He cried a little when all the caretakers he is familiar with walked out of the room. But it was short lived and before long we were playing blocks. Gotta get this little man some blocks!! He has a cold so he doesn't feel that good. Can't wait until I can give him some cold medicine so he won't live in constant congestion. All these kids in institutions just live in constant state of congestion. They pass their colds back and forth and I bet never know what it is like to actually smell and breathe and not be snotty.

Today is court... Today will be the last entry in this blog... Today I will finally be officially and legally MOM!! It has been almost two years since I met Shelby. And now my path that started with her has lead me here to Russia. Veliky Novgorod and Borovichi... Today after court (and after my mom gets her photos!!) I am going to make this blog public. Then after I get home all the posts from here will get transferred into my original blog.

My mom has not seen photos of our little guy yet. She will be getting an email telling her to check her snail mailbox... And a letter from her new grandson via email. Her first photos will be in her mailbox as a surprise for her this morning. I wish I would have asked my dad to video tape!!


Hilary Marquis said...

You're not supposed to start off a Friday morning by crying! But I am...Congratulations to your whole family, Ann! You've waited so long for this and I can think of no one that deserves a happy ending (or two when the time comes). God bless you and have a safe trip home.

Jes said...

Oh me oh my!!! Crying at work ... I am so happy for you!

Have a wonderful trip!