Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Yesterday we had a conference call with our agency. Supposedly things have just started moving again. And Inna was sure that we would not see court dates before the end of June. During that call I asked reasked that question just to be sure. "so from what you are seeing the earliest we will see a court date is the end of June?" She said probably... but..... She has not heard from my particular coordinater yet. Ok.. I am so cool with the end of June. Because the overall sense of the call was that things were good. That was yesterday!

Today I had the cable company on the phone trying like crazy to get our new fanbdangled digital cable box hooked up to the new fandangled digital 50 inch television that we bought to celebrate finishing Dossier paperwork! Yes finishing a dossier for the third time was reason to celebrate!!!!!!

I did not even look at the caller ID when I was head deep in digital cable wires... But I got off the phone and saw it was the agency!! YIKES this must be important. Called back without listening to the message.. Imagine my suprise when Inna starts rattling off things about Visa's and documnents and ........ WHOA!! Inna back up I did not listen to the message...

Well long story short My court date is NEXT WEEK!!!! OMG !!! I thought sure I would get a bit more of a heads up this time. Nope!! plan this trip on even less of a time frame. So we are off to the races..

Visa---- Sent
Unbeatable Travel ---Called
Peace Travel ---- Notified
Bank ----- yeikes they just LOVE ME!!!! Can you have $$$$$$$$$ ready by Saturday??

So... Mom finally knows a name, and an age, and that Little Mr. Has red hair.. But I am going to be half mean half sentimental... She is going to get a card from Nikolas and she will have to open it on May 28th to reveal his wonderfully handsome self.

Can't wait for this next part to be over! But so excited that it is almost here.

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Hilary Marquis said...

I already knew your plan but, reading it made me cry all over again! Have a blessed trip my friend :) Kiss that handsome little red head for me...I am partial to reds like my Toby.